Mert Akengin_

~ Software Engineering Student at BAU_

/bin/bash -l

~ # whoami; # I mostly work on UNIX systems, fluent at Bash, Make, and C. Also completed small projects using PHP, Python, Javascript, Java, Processing and Arduino _

~/2013 # Built custom Linux boxes (mostly embedded). First one was for interactive touch screens and based on Slackware _

~/2015 # Later I built a info-screen system for university which I'm studying and for a college from ground up. Including authentication and tablet apps for it _

cat ~/.ssh/known_hosts

In years 2014 and 2015, I joined electric powered car teams then raced aganist other universities. Whilist building telemetry and communication protocols I also wrote cars' software for energy management and remote control.

Within Mechatronics club, I involved making first ever Drone Race between universities in country 2 times. From 2014 to 2016 I worked at R&D startup within university. Built comms and firmware for IoT wifi plug.

tar cvf work.tar ~/projects

In March 2016 started internship in Lostar information security company. Besides using tools for pentesting such as nmap also involved in software projects which were including PHP, NodeJS, Python and Java. Ended at the end of July same year.

On late 2015 and early 2016, worked with 3D designing and printing startup Abbox within university. Build CCTV, did network routing and tunneling, STL formatted file viewer in Javascript and a site which uses it to share and view these files.


Open source is my standing point, what I believe, my point of view. So I contributed to these projects: